Zed Eye
Nigerian Born uber talented designer Ngozi Pere-Okorotie, is the creative head behind Zed Eye. The London College of Fashion graduate, who takes inspiration from fashion goddess Vivienne Westwood, hails from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, currently residing in Earls Court, London. It appears the inevitable for such a fashionably talented woman to end up in the fashion capital; Ngozi originally studied to become an accountant. 
Her passion for designing beautiful garments stems from sweet childhood memories of her mother's fashion academy, which means Ngozi was constantly surrounded by clothes, and encapsulated into the world of fashion long before she embarked on her successful career as a fashion designer. One life-changing moment that stands out to her is learning how to use a measuring tape at the tender age of six. 
Famed for her stand out piece; the three quarter sleeve floral print summer jacket, which has already rouged the wardrobes of top celebrities including Kelis, Shingai (The Noisettes), celebrity hairdresser Tara Smith and renowned British designer Henry Holland, Ngozi sang high praise for her spring/summer 2010 collection. "I love the three quarter sleeve floral print summer jacket so much and it has been the best buy within the Tribal Romance spring/summer 2010 collection and also a hit with several celebrities." 
Ngozi's editorial in Pride Magazine – a publication celebrating women of colour (Gossip Girls – June 2010) displays her level of creative ambition, as she gave African prints a high-fashion twist with vintage English styling. Her passion for using heavy, tribal prints to create juxtaposed and alternative fashion themes speaks volumes about the evolution of fashion from the mainstream, alongside the fact that this talented designer is set for catwalk success.

Anggy Haif

In the deep forest and in the heart of African traditions was born a fashion designer: Anggy Haïf. His mission was to reconcile the body with nature, the past with the future. This young Cameroonian fashion designer was born on 15th October 1974 in Douala. He belongs to the Yambassa tribe, coming from Bogando in the Mbam Enougou in central Cameroon. He inherited his mother’s talent of singer and dressmaker and decided to focus his work on research and creativity.
ANGGY HAÏF that’s another vision of the world, a world he created for you. Another way of thinking, without limit of time or space.
  Based in Paris, he entered the fashion creating for himself. Today, he dresses several beauty contests nationally and internationally.
 Today the fashion house ANGGY HAIF offers several lines: the haute couture, ready-to-wear women and men, accessories leather goods such as handbags, belts and others, and soon a line of shoes being developed. Everything is made in the rules of art and craftsmanship.
Not yet of record shop, for all orders he receives you on appointment at his studio in the 11th arrondissement.

Vlisco Awards, Paris Salon des Miroirs, January 22th 2009
Winner of the Seat Fashion Designers Awards (Professionals), Cannes Palais des Festivals, July 2006
Winner of Young Fashion Designers of the AFAA (French association of artistic action) and Golden Cheich, FIMA (International African Fashion Festival) 2005, Niger
Yéhé Prize 2005, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
African Excellence Prize 2004 awarded by African Excellence Committee
Golden Cheich (2nd prize) at the FIMA, 2003, Niger
First prize for the best dress of African inspiration, International Miss Africa, 2004,Washington, USA
Awarded at the Cameroonian Arts and Culture Festival, 2000
Best Design Golden Prize,  « Head of Gold » Festival , Yaoundé, 1999

Dionne Goodings Shoes
Dionne Gooding Shoes was established in 2008 by up and coming shoe designer Dionne Gooding. Dionne attended De Montfort University where she completed a degree in Mixed Media Textiles. It was whilst taking footwear courses at London College of Fashion that Dionne discovered her passion for shoe design and thus started to think of innovative and exciting ways to incorporate her textile techniques into footwear.

The company’s mission is to supply desirable, glamorous and exclusive footwear to women of all ages through a choice of shoe styles and customised limited edition designs. Dionne Gooding Shoes prides itself on designs which are exclusive and original; she ensures this by creating no more than 5 of any one style. Dionne supplies a variety of shoe types, from killer heels to flat shoes.

Being a woman herself Dionne understands how important show stopping footwear is to the everyday Carrie Bradshaw. She therefore also offers a customisation service which concentrates on bringing the perfect dream shoe to the client. As well as this she also offers special consultations as part of a bridal and special function service. Here the client is able to discuss the unique specifications of their ideal shoe for the particular function, and in return receive expert advice and design interjection from Dionne Gooding.
Dionne Gooding is constantly breaking boundaries by creating high fashion, luxurious and eclectic collections. Her inspiration is the women about the town, from home to the office and from the office the nightclub, shoes for all eventualities and shoes that will add a touch of glamour to even the simplest outfit.  Influences and themes that are prevalent in the collections are jewels and ‘bling’, African culture and wildlife and animal prints.  Most pieces consist of heavy embellishment, including Swarovski crystals and studs along with decorative fabric manipulation.
Dionne Gooding shoes also offer a shoe party service, where clients are given the opportunity to host shoe parties for a minimum of 10 guests. The shoe parties area great way of getting family and friends together for a bit of healthy competition and a fun filled night. Clients are invited to play shoe themed games, purchase exclusive Dionne Gooding Shoes, customise and recycle old shoes and create and design bespoke new ones.
AyiKai Couture
Ayikai Couture is  an up and coming afro-fashion label established in 2009 by Antoinette Ayikai Amuzu a Ghanaian born living in the UK.  Antoinette’s vision for Ayikai is simple: To create a distinctive range of clothes that represent a fusion of contemporary design and African textiles. The result: a stylish collection of innovative, vibrant and unique fashion garments.
Ayikai Couture is quickly becoming the home of distinctive African fashion and accessories with a inimitable African feel.  Ayikai Couture [pronounced A-yi-kai] was inspired by the collection of rich & diverse cultures of Ghana, West Africa and the current fashion trends of the Western world.  Armed with a host of luscious shades and beautiful floating hemlines, Ayikai Couture is fresh and feminine, hoping to bring a touch of Ghana to everyone’s wardrobe. Belted maxi dresses, cute frill skirts and mid-length one-shoulder pieces offer stunning variety for every occasion. Ayikai Couture is proud to cater for all shapes and sizes, ensuring that anybody can feel like an African Queen in a batik wrap-around dress or floral mini.

Most of my work is informed by my keen obsession with local culture, graphics and music and the Ghanaian ideology of design which is described to have an edgy style fused with visual poetry.
I have tried to blur the boundaries between Africa and the West, illustrating that ancient Ghanaian fashion can survive.  The cut, fit and complementing soft tailoring ensure the garments move with flattering fluidity.  My prime aim is to create fashion that would appeal to urbanites and the diasporic youth living in London. Above all to feel proud and make a statement whilst wearing AYIKAI COUTURE.  Afropolitan collection is guaranteed to catch the eye with Rich warm earth tones of genuine Afro-wax prints to glorify the intensity of African style!


Yaa Ataa Couture Bags
Yaa Ataa Couture Bags was launched in the later part of 2010 by London born designer Josephine Wiafeh. 'Yaa Ataa' being her native Ghanaian name. The name was chosen to reflect her use of the richly printed and woven fabrics sourced directly from Ghana.

As African inspired fashion continues to thrive, her fab new collection brings you high-end contemporary bags with a twist of Africa! Inspired by the world around her, she gains many of her ideas from nature. Colours, textures and shapes are a focal point to her designs. Meticulous attention has been given to each bag to create an exciting collection, that is unique in style and bang on trend! Vibrant colours, fun frills, the embellishment of fabric with jewels, studs, sequins and beads create distinctive, stylish, individual pieces! 
The clutches would be a great wardrobe staple for the fashionista who’s afraid to go overboard with accessories yet likes to throw a little salt in the game.  Her bags can add a splash of colour to the simplest of outfits!Her SS11 collection 'Alight' has seen her venture into the production and adornment of other accessories such as belts, head-scarves, and stunning decorative hair pieces!??She also offers a bespoke service, giving customers the opportunity to supply their own fabric and take part in the design process of their customised bag. Her current collection is being sold online at 
Ohema Ohene

Ohema Ohene- The brain child of British born designer Abenaa Pokuaa, which came to life late 2008. The name meaning Queen & King in the Ghanaian language of Twi was in reference of Abenaa’s Ghanaian heritage and plans to create a brand for both Men and Women.

Ohema Ohene produces exciting, high quality stylish seasonal clothing which is representative of London’s multicultural population, blending what is quintessentially British with West African textiles.
Ohema Ohene produces Womenswear and Menswear as well as an exciting range of Footwear under its OH! brand. Ohema Ohene has received many accolades for its achievements which include a Precious award for Best Business start up of the year 2009, O2x Young Entrepreneur of the year 2009 and GUBA award winner- Best designer nominee 2010.

Ohema Ohene has also been shortlisted for an African Fashion International (AFI) award for Best International Menswear 2010, BEFFTA awards best Fashion designer nomination, as well as a GUBA nomination for best Fusion designer. Most recently, the founder and designer of Ohema Ohene- Abenaa Pokuaa was a finalist in the 2011 Lambeth business awards ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’ category.

The brand has caught the attention of leading journalist and media, including Vogue, Pride Magazine and leading London papers. Ohema Ohene is sold in the UK at selected boutiques, as well as its very own store in the heart of Brixton. Ohema Ohene is sold at exclusive boutiques across the globe, countries include France, Belgium, Japan, Italy and Finland.
Tina Libondi
Fashion Designer Tina Lobondi was born in Kinshasa, she grew up in a small town in Lorraine (France) where she studied Fashion Design Realisation. After 3 years and her Diploma in hand, the designer moved to Paris to be closer to her family and started an internship in a designer's studio in the area of  La Goutte D'or. Tina started to create her own samples of evening and casual wear inspired by her every day life and life experience. In 2006, the designer moved to London, aiming to pursue a career in her field.
Since 2010, she created a label under her own name, Tina Lobondi. The brand is specialised in Evening and Casual wear. It also has his own Personal Dressmaking / Made to Measure, Personal Styling and a online selling service.
More than a brand, the designer aim to dress sophisticated and elegant women who want to keep a touch of Glamour and Originality in their wardrobe by creation or Customisation.
Monsura Boutique
Monsura Boutique offer exclusivity by having limited products so even if the Queen herself wanted a piece that was sold out, she would not be able to obtain one! The secret behind Monsura boutique is once a collection is out, grab the piece you love because there may not be another opportunity, and gradually build a collection of limited pieces.
Lanyero is contemporary Afro Chic brand with a cutting edge designs and beautiful, classic pieces.
This brand is ideal woman both young and mature who is looking for something fresh and trendy.
The Lanyero brand was established 2008, with the collection “The African Ballerina”. The African Ballerina brought together by the use of lace, tulle, college, creativity, love, fun and style of African essences.

The current collection, currying over from The African Ballerina, brings together rich vibrant colours, beautiful prints and creative use of fabrics with most pieces wearable in various way.
"Mononoko is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand. Founded in 2009 by Designer Mary Ononokpono, Mononoko aims to redress the balance between waste and consumption whilst aiding in providing sustainable livlihoods to workers in developing nations. All of this is accomplished through the creation of beautiful fashion forward pieces.
 Mononoko employs a 360 degree approach to sustainability utilising a blend of recycled/upcycled materials, end of line fabrics, in addition to sutainably sourced fabrics such as Hemp, bamboo and soy silks and jersey blends.
With her unique blend of Afro Fusion Fashion Funk, Mary aims to inject much needed colour and funky glamour firstly into her hometown - the rainy city AKA Manchester, before taking her Afro Fusion Funk to a global platform. Mononoko is currently gaining notoriety for it's trademark oversized bauble and leather and fabric earrings constructed 
from upcycled materials. Mononoko is currently stocked in Manchester based boutiques and will shortly be launching a lower priced diffusion and childrens range."
Adopted Culture by Nana Afua is simply embracing different cultural values, style and originality to form on piece through fashion. The name ‘adopted Culture’ is to experience the unique and originality of bringing different cultural designs together 
and making it fashion.

Adopted Culture theme ideas was inspired from John Galliano, Kofi Ansah and Leigh Bowery, quite fascinate especially with Galliano’s trend on how he depicts different cultural textiles and style it up to make a dress, it really inspired the whole concept and theme ideas. Kofi Ansah  ideas was also a big influence in this designing piece as more of adopted culture trends has to do with colorful pallets which normally reflects his designs as well.
Adopted Culture has positive vibe with a funky twist as well as theatrical inspiration from Leigh Bowery which is going to go a long way in the fashion industry with its upcoming designs. The collection ranges from sizzling evening wear to couture, promoting fashion through unity with different cultural style and designed for today’s woman to embrace curves and appreciate their wonderful body in every style.
In 2008 Afro-Chique was launched producing a fantastic range of clothing and accessories that have the brilliant prowess of Caribbean culture and attitude, expressed with colours and fabrics native to the African continent.
Afro-Chique is a clothing and accessories brand that combines the cultural identity of African prints with the stylish influence of contemporary London. The Creative Director, Janice Morrison, creates each collection with close attention to detail, resulting in unique, bold designs.
Afro-Chique confirms that modern style is about strength, identity and attitude. The distinctive designs capture the essence of African, Caribbean and European culture. Every Afro-Chique piece is desirable and made with quality fabric, cut and colours to ensure only the finest garments. Since the launch of the brand, Afro-Chique has celebrated continued interest and exposure. Afro-Chique has been featured in various publications, and also appeared at the noted fashion event Clothes show Live, as well as African fashion week. Following recognition from one of the most influential names in fashion, Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director of The Daily Telegraph, Afro-Chique is firmly establishing its place as a leading afro-centric brand within the fashion industry.