Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Introducing Afro-Chique

Why did you decide to call the brand Afro-Chique?
I decided to call the brand Afro-Chique as I wanted a name that represented the brand. Afro-Chique is a play on the term Afro- Centric which describes a trend both in clothing, style and attitude.

Who is Afro-Chique targeted at?
Our target customers are mainly women but we also have sections of the business dedicated to mens-wear, childrens-wear and home wear.

Your designs are made from African fabrics, what have been some of the challenges you have faced?
The main challenges have been the fact that African fabric mainly comes in cotton, therefore you’re unable to make certain items that would need stretch.
I understand you also design for men.  Is it easier to design for men or for women?
I guess it’s easier to design for women because I am one! Also, women have so many different types and styles of clothing so the design scope is broader. Men’s wear is less varied but we still enjoy the challenge.

The brand was launched in 2008, how has it evolved since then?
The brand has gone from strength to strength, we now have a studio and website selling online, we’ve taken part in so many events and shows and our client based increases daily. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I love art, culture and travelling so they would be my main inspirations. Also London, as it’s so creative everyday I’m inspired by the trends and people I see.

Your new collection is called Trelawny. Why is this?
Trelawny is the name of the parish in Jamaica where my mother was born. It’s a part of my roots and so I decided to name a collection based on this.

Name one celebrity you would like to see in one of your design.
I would love to dress Shingai from the Noisettes, as she is daring, creative and experimental which sums up the Afro-Chique muse.

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