Thursday, 21 April 2011

Introducing Monsura Boutique

What inspired you to become a handbag designer and as a bag designer, what steps do you follow to create your master piece? 
My designs are characterised by a fusion of classic lines and avant-garde sophistication. I describe it as the melding of 60’s seduction with Modern elegance. In terms of what inspires me I’d say it is beauty in all shapes and forms. My inspiration comes from persons, places, nature and various works of art. I’ve just launched my latest handbag collection which I named  Electric Candy which is also the name of one of our Clutch pieces, I love visual impact and try to incorporate this into my designs.

What made you decide to name the brand after yourself?
Monsura’ has a number of meanings which can be tricky formulising into one word, however, the essence is extended wealth, Spiritually protected…. In all is very positive and strong and to many the name itself is unusual! like my designs.
How do you want the lady carrying your bag to feel?
Special and unique! Proud to be one of the limited number of people worldwide to own a Monsura Boutique statement piece and to know that they are making an impact all eyes on them.

Describe the outfit you would like someone who is carrying your bags to wear?
We have such a range of bags and clutches, I envisage the women wearing them are trendy/trend setters, sexy but elegant. Hugely confident and appreciate quality in what they wear and carry, whether it be a plain white T’ with a pair of jeans or a made to measure bespoke evening gown.

You said you get inspiration from you local community. Can you tell us a bit more about this?
I often walk through my local area and nearby market/stalls, it’s so buzzing and full of vibrancy, a lady pushing her toddler in a bright green buggy passes a stall and in an instant there is this immediate attraction of colour which would just grab my attention and an idea would start to formulate. It’s so weird! Even for me how my mind works. I could be anywhere and creation would emerge in my head which excites me and then I just can’t wait to get home and start sketching away.

Describe your bags in 3 words.
Bespoke, Limited, Edition.

What materials/fabrics do you enjoy working with?
Anything and everything viable, no favourites I’m afraid (lol)

You will be taking part in the Afro Hair and Beauty Show next month. How did this come about?
I’ve always loved the Afro Hair and Beauty show, its such a great event! Through my fashion network, I heard that LGN Event organisers were on board this year and witnessing the success of their event first hand at London Fashion week, I literally jumped at the chance to get involved.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?
Highest points this year has been London Fashion Week. I was able to contribute to the VIP goody bags for key industry players at the LGN ‘A La Mode’ show at Charing Cross Hotel. It was an amazing show and we hope to grace the catwalk ourselves next year. In addition to this, one of our current stockist’s took our product to the ‘International Trade Show in Accra’ this February, that left a big grin on my face and most recently we were lucky enough to grace and contribute to ‘DivaScribe Magazine’ and will feature in there next issue so keep a look out!
We sent our Safari Black bag and Glitter Zebra clutch which was present on Asos Marketplace to Award winner Jessie J, We recently had Kele Le Roc on board for our Spring Collection shoot which we broadcasted on our website and is still getting continuous hits and praises. Our first collection Sold out in 4 months so very excited about this new collection future events and shows.

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